FOr My FoLloWers

Hi everyone!

So good news and the obvious bad news.

The bad news: I’ve been super busy and haven’t posted anything of recent.

The Good news: I’m MOVING which means I’m getting away from the situation which means I can write about the situation in which I made this blog for! BUT, I have to finish out the three month contract with my job before I can run   move to the coast, so come April I will restart the story! I’ve been story the facts, so that I could return to the story after I moved away.

If you are a recent follower and confused, read the about section on my page and hopefully that will help. If your still confused ignore this post all together, continue to enjoy my posts, and come April buckle up because I will be starting the BUMPY story that I’ve been talking about.


P.S. I’d also like to thank the people following my blog and reading my stuff even though I’ve been hopping from story idea to story idea like a coffee fanatic. 🙂


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