Who am I?

I am a female who’s younger than twenty-four and older than twenty-two, a daughter to one, a sister to four, a reader, a writer, a survivor, an artist and now a blogger.

Life can be tough, strange, fun, and full of many other adjectives. The one thing it has never been for me is boring. So many life experiences jammed into 23 years and the cool thing is many people in the world also have lived a life full of adjectives.

What is this blog?

If you didn’t read the above section I have a ton of life experiences and when I’m writing fiction it allows me to make characters that go through some of the same things I’ve felt along the way, hence MyFictionalTruth. On this site you will find Short stories inspired by picture prompts, poems, random blips from my ongoing daily excursions, and an ongoing relationship between Rose and Michael.

What is my posting schedule?

Every week is a new picture prompt on Ermilia’s blog so my response will be posted no later than the following Wednesday, a new adventure with Rose and Michael will be posted randomly, and random blips or poems will pop up from time to time.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by, your fellow blogger Katy

P.S. In March 2015, when the circumstances allow it, I will bring back the story that started this blog…

P.S.S If you are new to this blog and are confused by the cryptic message above, the short reason why the story was put on hold is that the main character in the story, Katy, was too close to the fire to write about it.


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