FOr My FoLloWers

Hi everyone!

So good news and the obvious bad news.

The bad news: I’ve been super busy and haven’t posted anything of recent.

The Good news: I’m MOVING which means I’m getting away from the situation which means I can write about the situation in which I made this blog for! BUT, I have to finish out the three month contract with my job before I can run   move to the coast, so come April I will restart the story! I’ve been story the facts, so that I could return to the story after I moved away.

If you are a recent follower and confused, read the about section on my page and hopefully that will help. If your still confused ignore this post all together, continue to enjoy my posts, and come April buckle up because I will be starting the BUMPY story that I’ve been talking about.


P.S. I’d also like to thank the people following my blog and reading my stuff even though I’ve been hopping from story idea to story idea like a coffee fanatic. 🙂


Hello Followers!


River meeting the ocean at low tide… 

It’s been a rough week. I’ve been traveling 2.5 hours back and forth to the coast to see my mom when possible. November is a hard month for me. I like to be close to her during this month due to a past tragedy. Even if I know it’s not going to happen again, the sickening fear still rises each year.

I missed the picture it and write prompt and have been slacking a little on my own personal writing since this has begun. I didn’t account for the fact that sometimes I don’t care for the picture provided for the weekly prompt. So in the future, if I don’t like the picture, I’ll post my own picture prompt.

Please bear with me and I will be up and typing again soon.

Thanks and have a great day!

For My Followers!


So, I’ve changed some things since I started and now have a regular posting schedule set up. I’ve also changed my about section if you want to read it and find out what exactly I plan on posting from here on out.

Thank you for your time, Katie

P.S I’ve decided not to continue my story for now, but I want to start a new story and post on it weekly. This is only in the planning stage and I will update you all as soon as I have concrete plans.

Heart2Heart: Digging up the hatch…

Months ago, I had ripped my broken heart from my soul and put it in a shoe box. Well, this is just a metaphor and I wish it was a little different. I would tell you I took my feelings of love, turned them into a sparkly butterfly, and set it free in a meadow, but that would be a bunch BS. Pretty, but BS all the same. It wasn’t the easiest break off to say the least. My slow stumble of regret/sadness had turned into a walk of embarrassment/letting go and then finally back into a normal happy go lucky jog. It takes effort to just move on, but it eventually does happen.

My story in life has taken many routes and I want to share with people the disaster, hope, love, and comedy of it all. I still have plenty to share with many surprises to come 🙂